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Fairness, equality, protection, justice. These are the values that individuals seeking careers in criminal justice have in common. Find criminal justice schools and degrees that are aligned with your unique skills, interests, and aspirations.
Criminal Justice Schools
Criminal Justice Schools
Find Criminal Justice Schools, accredited criminal justice schools with proven track records, request information, compare, and choose one that works for you.
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Criminal Justice School Directory

Find criminal justice schools through online criminal justice degree programs or in a campus location near you. Pick from criminal justice programs offered in law enforcement, corrections, paralegal, homeland security, and more.

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Criminal Justice Careers

Explore the possibilities within the wide ranging field of criminal justiceand find yourself in a rewarding criminal justice career to grow and expand in. Read interviews from criminal justice professionals and get an inside perspective.

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Law Enforcement Degree

A degree in law enforcement will prepare you for careers in local, state, and federal positions such as police officer, police detective, DEA Agent, or FBI Agent. Learn all about law enforcement degrees, courses and curriculum, and find criminal justice schools offering campus and online law enforcement degree options.

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Forensics Degree

Find out what degree you'll need to become one of many types of forensics specialists from trace evidence analysis, fingerprint specialist, ballistics, DNA tracing, and forensic psychology or explore the high demand world of computer forensics and cybercrime. Learn all about forensic science degree options.

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Criminal Justice Salary

Research salary and earnings for different criminal justice careers. Compare local versus federal salaries, what to expect in entry level positions, and how to prepare yourself for promotions and advancement in your career. Start exploring criminal justice salary from here and find out what you can expect for entry level and senior level positions.

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Homeland Security Degree

Explore the many roles to be played in keeping our country safe from terrorism and a variety of potential threats. From an ICE Agent, US Customs & Border Patrol to the Central Intelligence Agency, a homeland security degree will get you prepared to step into a rewarding career protecting our nation. We've also added several new pages about Military Degrees & programs.

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Paralegal Degree

Find out what it takes to complete a paralegal degree and explore other legal and court related options such as a court reporting degree, or how to become a court clerk, or bailiff training. Research corrections degree options and learn how to become a juvenile probation officer. Find out where your skills and career aspirations meet .

Criminal Justice Degrees

  • Associates Degree

    A criminal justice associates degree is the launching point for several careers including law enforcement, corrections, and court related positions.

    Pursuing an associates degree in criminal justice sets the solid foundation for your career.

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  • Bachelors Degree

    A bachelors degree in criminal justice is a means to entry level positions such as forensics, DEA, and the FBI just to name a few.

    A four year degree is also a requirement to position yourself for promotions or professional growth.

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  • Masters Degree

    For those seeking higher level positions or a level of mastery in their field, a masters degree in criminal justice is the next step.

    Masters degree and Phd programs are increasingly available online and have become a means to professional growth.

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