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Criminaljusticeschoolinfo.com is an informational resource for those interested in pursing education and careers options among criminal justice and legal professions. Our goal is to gather information and data from trusted and authoritative sources and compile them in an easy to understand format. We strive to provide insights into the many criminal justice career options, including job descriptions, specializations, salary data, job growth, and degree options. In addition, we provide information on campus based and online schools offering criminal justice and legal programs.

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Aaron Heyntsen – Publisher/Editor

Aaron Heyntsen

Hi, I’m Aaron, I’m the Editor for Criminal Justice School Info. I have a passion for justice and fairness, and a deep respect for those who protect our freedoms. I completed my bachelor’s degree in political science at the University of Washington
and I now live in Bellingham, WA.

In my extra time, I enjoy writing, cooking, gardening, and hanging out with my yellow lab, Hana.

Michelle Brunet – Assistant Editor / Contributor

Michelle Brunet

Hello, I’m Michelle. I’m the Assistant Editor and a contributor for Criminal Justice School Info. I’m so honored to write for this fine site, as I am constantly digging into true crime stories portrayed in documentaries, news pieces and books and
am particularly intrigued with the complicated minds of criminals.

In my spare time I enjoy traveling, eating cuisine from different pockets of the world, hiking and grooving on the dance floor.

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