Associates Degree For Homeland Security Majors

While most positions within homeland security will require a higher degree, there are still many opportunities for people who have an associate’s degree. Many schools don’t have an official homeland security associates degree, so most students begin by completing a campus or online criminal justice associates degree. It is common to start by getting an associates degree with the intention of declaring a homeland security major as they continue to work towards a bachelor’s degree. Some choose to work in an entry-level role or a position that provides relevant experience while simultaneously completing their degree online. An associate’s degree will make you eligible for entry-level positions in law enforcement agencies, border patrol, or disaster recovery programs, just to name a few.

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Homeland Security is no longer restricted to counter-terrorism related jobs, it now includes areas of emergency management and preparation/response to disasters (both man-made and natural), national cyber-security, border patrol, FBI, Secret Service, and much more. These are the likely areas of employment if you have an associate’s degree for homeland security majors.

A homeland security associate’s degree program is typically two years and many schools offer the option to take classes online.

Homeland Security Associates Degree Prerequisites:

The prerequisites for starting a homeland security associate’s degree program are typically a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent.

Jobs with Homeland Security Associates Degree:

Some of the possible jobs with a homeland security associate’s degree include the following:

  • TSA – Transportation Security Officer
  • Customs and Border Patrol/Protection
  • Disaster Relief Worker
  • FEMA Regional Worker
  • Disease Response Analyst
  • Loss Prevention Agent
  • Security Officer
  • Safety Security Specialist