Bounty Hunter License

The bounty hunter license is, usually, the biggest step to becoming an official bounty hunter. Not all states have bounty hunter licensing requirements or even licenses at all, but the majority of states do and the licensing rules vary widely from state to state. Generally, you must pass a few tests to get a license and the tests can come from any of the following categories.

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Education & Knowledge related to Bounty Hunting

Rules and regulations vary greatly between states, so you must be knowledgeable in your own states bounty hunting laws. For instance, in Texas, bounty hunters are required to also be peace officers and in Louisiana, bounty hunters must wear special clothing that identifies them as bounty hunters. It is best to know what rules your state has on bounty hunting; take the time to research these rules. There will most likely be questions on entrance law (how to properly enter a fugitive’s home), apprehension and arrest laws (how to catch the fugitive), and laws regarding arms restrictions (what weapons you can use). Obtaining a criminal justice degree or law enforcement degree can be beneficial and provide you with strong foundational knowledge for this career.

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Physical Exam

Bounty hunters have to be physically fit to catch their quarry and it is likely that the state will test you on your physical endurance, stamina, and self-defense skills for a bounty hunter license. They might also test you knowledge of weaponry.

Mock Bounty Hunting

Some testing facilities for a bounty hunter license will actually perform a mock bounty hunting exercise that is designed to test all your knowledge and skill at once, admittedly thisis rare and it is unlikely that you will receive a test like this.

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