Computer Forensics Schools in California

Computer Forensics Courses

Computer forensics is a very popular career option these days. Cyber-crimes often range from High tech computer crimes, cyber terrorism, and identity theft to re-routing of funds by misusing digital technology. Computer forensics is a branch of forensic science which deals with the recovery, preservation, analysis and presentation of the digital data recovered from the computer in case of cyber-crime, or even sometimes in case of civil litigations. Many computer forensic schools and universities in California have started offering comprehensive programs in digital and computer forensics.

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Notably, California is ranked number 1 among all states in the country to report instances of internet scamming. As a result, the master’s degree programs in cyber forensics are in great demand across the state.

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Most companies hire a computer forensic expert to find out the reasons their systems got hacked, recover the deleted, encrypted or damaged files. Computer crime is on the rise and several high profile crimes have been committed misusing the computer technology. Seeing the exponential rise in the demand for the qualified professionals in the computer forensics many universities in California have started master’s program in computer forensics.

The course duration of Master’s program in computer forensics is 2 years. An overview of the computer forensics course structure:

  • In depth study of the principles and methods of the computer forensic crimes and technique of identification, recovery, and analysis of the data.
  • It involves the study of the role of forensics in the law enforcement in case of cyber-crimes and the methods used in the investigation of the cyber-crimes.
  • Study of routers, hubs, switches, and the servers. Details about how the log files are created which can be used for the forensic investigation.
  • Training to use tools such as Paraben, FTK, Linux dd, EnCase and X-Ways forensic addition and various others.
  • Study of the electronic communications law related to PDA’s.
  • Common data hiding techniques, cryptography.
  • Carving out the hidden files, recovering the deleted and encrypted files.
  • Study of the password cracking methods and the Microsoft word forensics.
  • The process of identifying, recovering, analyzing, preserving and presenting the valuable data.
  • Privacy laws of the American government.

After earning the degree one can get a job in the law firms, police department of California, private companies, private investigating agencies or the government special investigation wings in the name of cryptographer, computer forensic investigator, certified ethical hacker or forensic consultant. There is also an option of working as a freelancer. Computer forensics specialists earn high end salaries ranging from $85,000- $1, 20,000 per year. The salaries one can earn also depend upon the difficulty of the investigated case, job location, education level and the relevant work experience. Given that, you may want to check out the current programs offered by computer forensics schools in California.

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Computer Forensics Schools By State

Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice – Cyber Crime

You can earn a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice – Cyber Crime.

Schools such as Utica College offer an Online Cybersecurity Bachelor’s degree. Study Information Assurance & Cybercrime Investigations and Forensics.

Classes are offered for both full time students & part-time students. You can reach Uthica at (866) 295-3106.

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Did You Know?

You Can Earn a BS in Cybersecurity Online

Uthica College Online Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity

Utica College
  • Learn Cybercrime Law and Investigations
  • Computer and Netword Security
  • Modern Techniques of Criminal Investigation
  • Enjoy Small Online Classes
  • Work Closely with Faculty