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Computer Forensics Schools in Colorado

Computer Forensics CoursesAre you thinking about studying computer forensics in Colorado? One consequence of the advent of the PC and the rising numbers of Internet users has been the appearance of what are called computer crimes. Computer crimes have become quite commonplace, especially when the crime in question carries lesser risk. To tackle these crimes and to collect evidence which can be presented in court the field of computer forensics has emerged.

Computer forensics is a part of the larger field of digital forensics which encompasses other disciplines like mobile forensics and network forensics. Computer forensics experts deal with cutting-edge technology and need years of extensive training. Cyber sleuthing can be an exciting career where computer forensics experts work closely with law-enforcement agencies to apprehend criminals and prevent cyber-crime.

It is indeed alarming to note that FBI agents have found cybercrime rate considerably higher in Colorado Springs when compared to the national average. According to official statistics, cybercrime in the state reported a 22 percent rise in 2010.

Given the immense demand for experts in the field of computer forensics many universities in Colorado have started providing courses designed specifically for training in computer forensics.

Computer forensics schools in Colorado currently offer Bachelor's degree course in Computer Forensics. This course will train you for entering the field of computer forensics as a technician, analyst or systems administrator. The main topics which you will be taught are:

  • You will learn disk-based forensics, which means you will be able to extract evidence from hard drives and other disk formats.

  • All the legal aspects of digital forensics, as this is a nascent field and the laws are constantly changing and you need to know the current legal status.

  • As what you unearth may be used in a court of law you will be taught digital evidence handling.

  • How to detect network intrusion.

Upon completion of the course you will be able to design secure networks for organizations and you will also learn how to make widely-used operating systems more secure. Many organizations need a computer forensics expert to help them deal with various kinds of computer security issues which means that your expertise will come in handy when dealing with, not just forensics issues but, all kinds of computer security issues.

The career options for you as an expert trained in computer forensics will be computer forensics technician, IT security manager and network and systems administrator. As there is, currently, a shortage of trained security experts you can expect higher salaries than other graduates in related fields. Your starting pay scale may range from $90,000 to $140,000.You can either work as part of an agency in Colorado or you can provide your services on a case-by-case basis as a self-employed security expert. A degree from a computer forensics school in Colorado will enable you to establish yourself as an expert in the field of digital and computer forensics.