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It seems that these days everyone has something to say. An opinion to share, a cause to advocate, or simply the desire to publish news for friends, family, or even total strangers. The First Amendment under the United States Bill of Rights ensures that we have the freedom of speech, and of the press.

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

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Below you'll find what we feel are some of the most interesting & insightful blogs that cover topics related to legal & criminal justice careers. We've included this directory of blogs to provide readers with real world perspectives, case studies, opinions, and unique insight from a variety of "guru's" in the online criminal justice community. Readers come to our site with the goal of researching and understanding where they might fit into a criminal justice career; reading blog posts from a variety of sources is one way to determine if a career is a good fit. It is for this reason that we have taken it upon ourselves to find the best sources on the web. If you would like to suggest that we add your blog, or any blog that would be a match for our visitors, please let us know.

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Top Top Criminal Justice Blogs & Websites

Criminal Justice Blogs CrimeInAmerica.Net
Information on Crime, Crime Statistics, Crime Rates, Violent Crime, Crime News, Crime Prevention

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Criminal Justice Blogs Ask a Forensic Artist
Forensic artists work with forensic anthropologists and medical examiners to create facial reconstructions from unidentified skulls, and assist law enforcement by producing composite drawings of suspects of crimes. Full-time forensic art positions are extremely rare, so most artists do the work as a “collateral duty” within law-enforcement. Becoming a forensic anthropologist, medical examiner or pathologist would put you in an ideal situation to work on cases of unidentified remains. If you are more interested in producing composite drawings, the most direct path is to become employed in the criminal justice field in some capacity (crime scene Investigator, police officer, etc) and then pursue forensic art duties from there.

Criminal Justice Blogs DNA Saves - DNA Testing & Legislation
Why should your state pass DNA Arrestee Testing Laws? By passing state legislation that enables law enforcement to collect DNA from felony arrestees, at the same time as fingerprints, your state can catch criminals sooner. Learn more.

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Criminal Justice Blogs A Police Wife
She's a brand spankin' new police wife. Her husband (Hot Fuzz or HF) graduated the academy in May 2009. She started this blog to find others within the law enforcement community. So far she loves being a police wife. Life is good.

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Criminal Justice Blogs The Rap Sheet
The Rap Sheet highlights legal & criminal justice related books, special author projects, and distinctive crime-fiction-related Web sites.

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Criminal Justice Blogs PC Bloggs - A Twenty-first Century Police Officer
The police: upholding the law, protecting the weak and innocent, bringing the guilty to justice... or a self-defeating tangle of bureaucratic vogons?

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Criminal Justice BlogsThe Thin Blue Line
Once a diary of the wild eye adventures of a new police officer, then the new eyes while a Detective and now a Detective Sergeant on a national unit, still seeing the same faces.

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Criminal Justice BlogsThe Police Locker Room By Sergeant Simon
A police sergeant on a response team in the outskirts of a major UK city.

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Criminal Justice BlogsPaul's Justice Page & Blog
This page is for people who want to deepen their understanding of crime policies and search for real solutions to criminal justice problems -- ones that promote social justice and a just peace; it's for people who want to reclaim their mind, privacy & freedom.

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Criminal Justice BlogsThe Crime Lab Project
The Crime Lab Project's mission is to raise awareness about public forensic science needs and challenges.

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Criminal Justice BlogsReddy's Forensic Page
Reddy Chamakura s a a retired forensic scientist with Police Laboratory, New York City Police Department. Reddy's education includes B.S. and M.S. in chemistry, degree in law, diploma in criminal law (from India) and 2 years of graduate work in Forensic Science at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York.

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Criminal Justice BlogsBlues And Twos - Police Officer's Blog
Blues and Twos - Police & Law Blog is a an amalgamation of thoughts, feelings and observations on news, current affairs and UK policing in general. Our police blog has contributions from officers of the rank of Inspector (Organ Grinder) down to Constable (Monkey). Blues and Twos - The Police Officer's Blog

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Writing letters to the editor and keeping a diary have long been part of free speech & human reflection. Blogging is the most recent tool of this process. According to wikipedia, one of the earliest know bloggers is Justin Hall, who began blogging in 1994 while he was a student at Swarthmore College. Since then people from all around the world have created millions of blogs that cover topics from A to Z. It is free & easy to start your own blog. Visit one of the many blog company websites such as, or

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