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Delaware State Criminal Justice Degrees

Delaware’s violent crime rate is 70% higher compared to the rest of the country, according to the National Institute of Corrections. It ranked among the top ten states for cases of rape, assault, murder and robbery in the CQ Press‘ 2010 State Crime Rankings report. It’s small wonder then that police and sheriff’s patrol officer positions are expected to continuously increase, according to Projections Central. Numerous criminal justice schools in Delaware can help prepare you for such a vital career. Check out the lists of online and campus school for opportunities to complete a law enforcement degree. (Most police and sheriff’s departments now require a minimum of an associate level degree).

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You may also like to consider taking a criminal justice degree in Delaware with a specialization in community corrections or youth/adult probation as the number of probationers per capita is approximately 47% higher in this state compared to the rest of the country.

Legal justice careers also show promise in Delaware. Approximately 30 new jobs for paralegals open up each year, according to Projections Central, and the career outlook for this occupation is expected to rise by 12% through to 2018. Check out the list of criminal justice schools in Delaware for online or campus paralegal degree programs. Working as a paralegal can be an ideal springboard to becoming a lawyer some day, a profession that has approximately 60 openings per year in Delaware.

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Delaware Criminal Justice Career Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Delaware is one of five states with the highest concentration of the following occupations:

  • Arbitrators and mediators
  • Law clerks
  • Lawyers
  • Paralegals
  • Probation Officers

If any of these resilient professions interest you, check out the criminal justice schools in Delaware for Alternative Dispute Resolution, legal studies, paralegal, corrections or probation programs and degrees.

Criminal justice careers in Delaware are also projected to increase. In particular, the outlook for security guards (12%), police and sheriff’s patrol officers (7%), detectives (11%) and paralegals (12%) show a positive career outlook, according to Projections Central.

Top Criminal Justice Employers & Agencies

One of Delaware’s largest employers is the state’s Department of Safety and Homeland Security (DSHS). According to Career One Stop, the agency employs at least 1,000 personnel. The DSHS’ mission statement is ‘to promote and protect the safety of people and property in Delaware.’ It consists of several divisions including gaming enforcement, tobacco and alcohol enforcement, communications, emergency management and the state police.

Since Delaware puts such value on safety and security, a career in emergency management, law enforcement, homeland security or another related area may just be in your future. If so, take a criminal justice degree in Delaware and choose a specialization that fits your ambitions and goals.

Another top employer that also emphasizes national security is the U.S. Dover Air Force Base which employs approximately 7,000 people, states Career One Stop. Check out the list of criminal justice schools in Delaware for examples of institutions that offer military degrees and transition programs.

Delaware Criminal Justice & Legal Job Outlook & Delaware Criminal Justice Salary

CareerEmployment Growth through 2018Current Average Salary
Police and Sheriff’s Patrol Officers7%$54,000 – 60,000+
Detectives and Criminal Investigators11%$85,000 – $95,000+
First-line Supervisors of Police and Detectives6%$83,000 – 93,000+
Security Guards12%$25,000 – 27,000
Paralegals and Legal Assistants12%$50,000 – 55,000+

Sources: Growth Projections ~ Salary Range

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Delaware Crime Rate

Delaware ranked #7 out of the 50 states for crime in the CQ Press‘ 2010 State Crime Rankings report. More specifically it was rated as having the third highest cases of robbery, the seventh highest for assault, the ninth highest for rape and the tenth highest for murder. For 2010, the FBI reported over 1,800 robberies (203/100,000 people), 3,386 aggravated assault incidents (377/100,000), 312 rapes (34/100,000) and 48 murders (5/100,000).

The National Institute of Corrections adds that Delaware’s crime rate is approximately 27% higher than the rest of the country; more specifically its violent crime rate is 47% higher.

Delaware’s Correctional System Stats

FacilityNumber of Facilities & OfficesNumber of Inmates
Combined Jail-Prison System4 (plus 7 community correctional centers)5,539
Probation & Parole616,831 probationers 519 parolees


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