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Eighty years ago, famous Attorney and Civil Rights Activist Clarence Darrow defended his last clients in a Hawaiian courtroom. The Massie trial, where Darrow used the argument that his clients took the life of Joseph Kahahawai as a form of honor killing since Kahahawai allegedly raped Thalia Massie, was so high profile that Darrow’s final arguments were broadcasted to the mainland. If you’re inspired by Darrow’s legacy, check out the list of criminal justice schools in Hawaii for information on legal studies or paralegal degrees and start your career as a legal clerk, paralegal or court reporter. With this experience you can move on to completing a law degree in a state that hires approximately 60 new lawyers a year.

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Hawaii is also home to one the Homeland Security’s Special-Agent-in Charge field offices and District 14 of the United States Coast Guard. Experience with the Coast Guard allows you to work and study at the same time and helps you rise up the ranks within the Department of Homeland Security. If this peaks your interest, consider taking a criminal justice degree in Hawaii with a specialization in counterterrorism, emergency management, cyber security of homeland security. By checking the list of criminal justice schools in Hawaii, you will notice you often have the choice between an online or campus program to fit your lifestyle needs.

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Hawaii Criminal Justice Career Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Hawaii is one of five states with the highest concentration of jobs in the following professions:

  • First-line supervisors of police and detectives
  • Security Guards
  • Transportation Security Screeners (TSA)

In fact, according to Projections Central, there are approximately 30 new openings for first-line supervisors of police per year and 340 openings for security guards.

Other criminal justice careers in Hawaii also show great growth potential through to at least 2018. For example, police and sheriff’s deputy positions are expected to increase by 3% and this equates to approximately 90 new jobs per year. Projections Central adds that 70 new jobs for correctional officers jailers and 20 new jobs for detectives should become available. The number of emergency management specialists employed in the state is expected to increase by 19% in less than a decade.

To pursue any of these careers that show a positive employment outlook, check the list of online and campus criminal justice schools in Hawaii for law enforcement, corrections, criminal justice, emergency management or other related degree programs.

Top Criminal Justice Employers & Agencies

One of Hawaii’s largest employers is the National Guard, according to Career One Stop. Over 5,000 reservists are members of Hawaii’s National Guard. If you decide to enlist, you can attend university or college at the same time as Guard service is only part time. In fact the National Guard offers several tuition assistance programs to lessen the stress associated with financial burden. Perhaps you want to take a criminal justice degree in Hawaii related to national security to coincide with your National Guard training or perhaps you’d prefer a slightly different civilian career. Consult the list of online or campus criminal justice schools in Hawaii for information on degrees from homeland security to law enforcement and every area in between.

Hawaii Criminal Justice & Legal Job Outlook & Hawaii Criminal Justice Salary

CareerEmployment Growth through 2018Current Average Salary
Police and Sheriff’s Patrol Officers3%$49,000 – 54,000+
Correctional Officers and Jailers8%$44,000 – 50,000
Detectives and Criminal Investigators11%$77,000 – 84,000
First-line Supervisors of Police and Detectives4%$80,000 – 86,000
Security Guards9%$26,000 – 28,000
Paralegals and Legal Assistants3%$50,000 – 55,000+
Emergency Management Specialists19%$49,000 – 56,000
Forensic Science Technicians13%$52,000 – 54,000

Sources: Growth Projections ~ Salary Range

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Hawaii Crime Rate

Hawaii’s overall crime rate is 12% higher than the rest of the country, according to the National Institute of Corrections. However, it seems to be just its property crime rate that raises red flags: Hawaii’s property crime rate is 17% higher whereas its violent crime rate is 28% lower than the national average. In 2010, the FBI reported 3,314 cases of property crime per 100,000 people (which includes larceny, burglary and motor vehicle theft).

Hawaii’s Correctional System Stats

FacilityNumber of Facilities & OfficesNumber of Inmates
Combined jail-prison system75,912
Probation & Parole 21,300


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