Game Warden Salary

Deer Hunter In Montana Forest

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of May 2011, the mean annual Fish and Game Warden Salary was $55,670, with Maryland offering the highest Game Warden pay at $69,410 (median annual). The lowest of the high paying states was Wyoming, coming in at $52,370 (median annual salary). The BLS indicates that Game and Fish Warden pay in some states can start at $27,090 per year. Those with additional education tend to earn more than Game Warden’s who do not have degree’s.

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Game Warden SalaryAnnual Median Salary
National Average$55,670
North Dakota$54,440

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics as of May 2011,

Of course there are many factors that help raise the starting Game Warden salary, education being one of the most important. A four year Bachelor’s Degree in any subject is required for most states, but those with a degree pertaining to subjects like criminal justice, biology, forestry, wildlife management, and other environmental sciences will most likely have a chance to secure higher pay. Anyone with a law enforcement or military background will also have an advantage over those who do not in both pay and consideration for employment.

With the exception of Wyoming, the states that pay the highest Game Warden Salary are not necessarily those that have the most Game Warden Positions available.

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Despite the difference in pay, a Game Warden’s duties are similar throughout the country. Differences would lie in the weather, amount of land patrolled, and type of terrain.