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Game Warden - Fish & Game Scholarships

Below you'll find a list of scholarships & academic awards that are intended for high schools students or adult learners who are pursuing a degree related to game warden careers, environmental stewardship, forest & wilderness management, and others. is not involved in the selection of the award recipients, and we suggest that you contact the individual organization for complete details.

Please let us know if you belong to an organization that awards a scholarship, or you know of a group or association that should be included in our scholarship directory.

Criminal Justice Blogs California Game Wardens Foundation

  • Award: Varies
  • Additional Details: Applicants must be active-duty Game Wardens, a spouse, or dependent child of an active-duty Game Warden. See the CGWF for complete details.

Criminal Justice Blogs Iowa - Delaware County Fish & Game Protective Assoc Schoparship

  • Award: Up to $1,000
  • Additional Details:

Criminal Justice Blogs Montana AMT - Public Criminal Justice Scholarship

  • Award: $500
  • Additional Details: For those earning a criminal justice or law enforcement degree only from a Montana secondary education institution.

Criminal Justice Blogs New Hampshire Junior Duck Stamp Art Contest

  • Award: Varies
  • Additional Details:

Criminal Justice Blogs New Hampshire State Police Memorial Scholarships

  • Award: 10 or more awards of $500 each
  • Additional Details:

Criminal Justice BlogsNRA - Women’s Wildlife Management/Conservation Scholarship

  • Award: Renewable, one-year, $1,000
  • Additional Details:

Criminal Justice BlogsNorth Dakota Game Wardens Association

  • Award: $300 scholarship for graduating high school senior who enrolls in fisheries or wildlife management with an emphasis on law enforcement.
  • Additional Details: Applications are available by contacting the North Dakota Game and Fish Department at 328-6604; or e-mail

Criminal Justice Blogs Oklahoma State Game Warden Association

  • Award: Varies
  • Additional Details: various scholarships to Oklahoma colleges for students interested in a career in wildlife law enforcement.. See the OSGWA website for complete details.

Criminal Justice Blogs Washington Game Warden Association Scholarships

  • Award: $500 and $1,000
  • Additional Details: Two different scholarships avaliable. The first is for those planning to enroll in a natural resource or criminal justice field of study. For the second, eligible candidates must be the spouse or child of an active member of the Washington Game Warden Association and may be pursuing any course of study.

Criminal Justice Blogs WI - Dunn County Fish & Game Association Scholarship

  • Award: Varries
  • Additional Details:

Criminal Justice Blogs Wyoming Game Warden Association Scholarship

  • Award: 14 individual scholarships of $350 each
  • Additional Details:

We're working to add additional scholarships as quickly as possible. Please contact us to subit your nominations for the above list. More to come soon!