Information Security Degree

information security specialist in server room

Both government and private businesses have robust security requirements with their evolving, complex computer systems and networks. Information security specialists are becoming more sought after as the ever increasing demand for security of information and systems emerges. Getting a degree in information security will provide you with knowledge on how to work with intrusion detection systems, security protocols, and security risks within a given system or network.

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As an information security specialists you may be asked to help design and implement network security mechanisms using firewalls and other security mechanisms. Information systems must be able to control authority levels, password issues, and potential threats where information may be breached. Information security professionals must be able to detect and deter hacker activities and determine steps to protect the integrity of the system.

Information Security Certification

The International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium offers a professional certification titled CISSP, which stands for Certified Information Systems Security Professional. Becoming certified entails passing an exam that is designed to test you on the fundamentals of computer security. Obtaining certifications beyond completing your degree is a smart way to bolster a resume and make a prospective employer more comfortable with your level of skill and knowledge.