Police Go Into High Alert Following Bin Laden’s Death

Police Officers in America were placed on high alert after spontaneous celebrations broke out following the announcement that the United State’s number one public enemy, Osama bin Laden, had been successfully neutralized by U. S. forces in Pakistan on Sunday, May 1, 2011.

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As a precautionary measure, law enforcement officials across the country have been placed on alert for any possible terrorist retaliation following the death of al Qaeda leader, Osama bin Laden.  Special attention is being placed on areas such as major cities, thoroughfares, waterways and important institutions such as banks, government offices and tourist sites.  For example, New York Port Authority dispatched additional units to cover subways, bridges, airports and ground zero (the site of the World Trade Center attack on September 11, 2001).  The United States Homeland Security remains on high alert following the news of bin Laden’s death as several terrorists organizations have stepped up to make threats of revenge for the terrorist leader’s death.  Port Authority officials will step up security measures to make sure that any potential terrorist attacks are prevented and the responsible parties are brought to justice.

The duties of the New York Port Authority include building and maintaining the city’s infrastructure that insures the continued operations of the city and its many useful functions.  Duties also include the protection of said infrastructure from any threats both foreign and domestic.  The jurisdiction of the New York/New Jersey Port Authority includes the area’s airports, bridges, and marine ports.  In addition, they are also responsible for the safety and security of persons utilizing the city’s various subway and bus transports and the tunnels connecting the two cities.

In order to become a Port Authority police officer, individuals must meet the following requirements:  successful completion of a written test, successful completion of the background check (which includes criminal history, academic history, employment history, and a fingerprint check), and a medical examination certifying the individual can meet the physical demands of the job and a psychological evaluation to make sure he/she can meet the mental demands.  If the individual is selected to be a part of the Port Authority police, additional trainings and evaluations must be completed successfully before the individual is allowed to perform the duties of the position.

Port Authority police officers are charged with the formidable task of keeping the thoroughfares of America’s major financial port operational and free from threats.  Their daily tasks include protecting and serving the public, gathering information on possible threats, conducting investigations of crimes committed in the New York/New Jersey public transit systems and aiding the in the prosecution of offenders.