Criminal Justice Internships

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If you are planning on completing a criminal justice internship this summer or beyond, and have yet to apply, deadlines for some agencies and employers are just around the corner.

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Not all internships are limited to the summer semester. Some happen during the spring, fall, winter or even year-round. While many are designed for undergraduate and graduate students, some are open to high school level students as well.

Talk to your school’s career services office or your professors to find out internship information and leads. They can also help you decide which work placement would be the best fit in terms of your career goals and interests.

Upcoming Deadlines for Summer Term/Other Criminal Justice Internships

    • Geared for those pursuing careers in law enforcement, law, specialized crime divisions, etc.
    • Internship Dates: Full time from July to December 2014
    • Considerations may be made for a part time internship or to coordinate with college/university for granting college credit.
    • Deadline: January 15, 2014
  • Department of Homeland Security – Cyber Student Volunteer (Secretary’s Honors Program)
    • Geared for undergraduate students
    • Various locations across the country; computer/IT experience and specialty varies by workplace/division
    • Starts as early as April 2014
    • Deadline: January 17, 2014
  • FLETC (Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers)
    • Geared for those pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in Criminal Justice, Criminology, Forensic Sciences, Criminal Justice Administration, Computer Forensics, a Juris Doctor, etc.
    • Internship Dates: May 12 – August 1, 2014
    • Application Period: January 13-31, 2014
  • United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime 
    • Geared for students completing a Master’s or graduate degree in criminology, political science, international relations, sociology, journalism, etc., or a related field.
    • Full time from May 7-September 7, 2014 in New York
    • Deadline: February 16, 2014

Other Internship Possibilities

Again you do not have to search for internships by yourself. Talk to your academic advisor, guidance counselor, your school’s career services department or professors for advice.

You might also want to contact the following types of agencies/organizations in your area to ask if they offer workplace experience:

  • Local or state law enforcement department
  • Community corrections division
  • Correctional facility
  • Parole/probation board
  • Department of children/family services
  • Court services
  • Halfway house
  • Group home
  • Public defender’s office
  • Law office
  • Mediation center
  • Security company
  • State bureau of investigation
  • Juvenile court/correction services
  • District/county/state attorney’s office
  • Criminal justice/legal non-profits
  • State bureau of apprehension
  • Department of public safety
  • Victim services
  • Crime labs
  • Medical examiner’s office
  • And more!