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Salary for Jobs in Homeland Security

The average homeland security salary is $69,000. However, it is important to note that the salary for jobs in homeland security can vary greatly depending upon several factors.

Your pay for homeland security careers will depend much more on individual factors such as education level, experience, and rank. Due to the fact that most homeland security jobs fall under the jurisdiction of the United States government, the GS scale salary system is often employed to determine compensation.

If you want to start out higher on the homeland security salary scale (GS scale), it is recommended that you obtain a degree in homeland security, a criminal justice program, or one related to your homeland security position. In addition, look for opportunities to gain valuable experience or internship opportunities to supplement your degree The GS scale is devised to increase or decrease with important factors such as education and relevant experience.

Homeland Security Salary

Here are some common jobs available within The Department of Homeland Security. However, it is important to remember that these are averages. Within each job title, the potential salary could be lower or higher than the average amounts given depending upon the important determining factors already discussed.

Homeland Security Position Salary Low Mid High
IT Specialist $54,025 $65,727 $77,805
Security Specialist 51,841 65,496 82,295
Cyber Security Specialist 74,000 110,000 175,000
Chemist 49,797 59,654 72,326
Mechanical Engineer 67,943 77,057 86,894
Policy Analyst 87,000 90,000 93,000
Program Analyst 64,109 76,515 91,053
Medical Doctor 129,988 152,792 168,709
Intelligence Officer 70,064 82,782 96,285
Nuclear Engineer 69,236 82,918 97,125
US Air Marshall 44,000 82,782 96,285
Security Screener 34,049 38,854 44,304
Customs Specialist 31,000 41,000 50,000
Border Patrol Agent 39,000 41,000 46,000
Immigration Officer 34,000 44,000 54,800
Coast Guard Enlisted 37,604 51,972 66,340
Coast Guard Officer 53,408 68,000 86,400

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Homeland Security Job Outlook

The employment outlook for jobs within homeland security is expected to continue to rise. Although, in general, our economy is struggling, homeland security jobs are expected to remain in high demand; national security is among the highest priorities of our government and a slowed economy should not impact job opportunities at DHS and it's many arms. It will always be an important role of the government to protect its citizens from threats.

One area that should see substantial and ongoing growth is jobs related to cybersecurity. As the internet continues to become more critical to the way business is conducted, it is more and more important to ensure the integrity and safety our government, critical infrastructure, and financial systems. There are new committees springing up within our government and in large companies to explore the expansion of information security. Cyber security degree programs have also become more readily available due to the influx of attention and focus on this critical component of our national security.


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