Security Guard Training

security guards communicating via ear piece

Security team observing, working in conjunction with the video surveillance team.

Security guards perform the high demand job of protecting people and property against a variety of threats including harassment, vandalism, fire, theft, and illegal activities. Their primary role is to observe, deter criminal activity, write reports of observations, call for emergency assistance, and to communicate with other security and surveillance officers. Some security guards are armed; however many jobs do not require that they bear arms. Both public and private operations require security expertise and knowledge.

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Many who begin in security positions, over time, seek higher levels of responsibility or other roles within the criminal justice system. It is convenient to expand your education and expertise in criminal justice with an online degree. The following are some recommended degree’s for those seeking education in security management and criminal justice.

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How to Become an Armed Security Guard

When you decide to become a security guard you will want to decide if you wish to become an armed or an unarmed guard. Armed guards, on average, are paid significantly higher than non armed guards and usually have positions in higher security situations. The danger and the risk is sometimes higher when you opt to become an armed security guard. Most states require that you become licensed and complete 50 hours of specialized weapon training. In addition to firearm training, you must be able to pass a background check, drug test, and a mental evaluation.

Security Guard Jobs

The following are samples of jobs that are in high demand for those trained and educated as a security guard:

  • Airport Security
  • Retail Security
  • Event Security
  • Casino Security
  • Bank Security
  • Warehouse Security
  • Bodyguard

The need for security officers can be found in almost all industries; however, the above listed types of security officer careers are more common and present the most job opportunities. Security guards must be very observant individuals with the ability to detect questionable behavior and must know how to respond to threatening situations with strong judgment.


Women In Law Enforcement

Learn more about earning your degree to pursue a career in criminal justice or law.

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According to The National Center for Women and Policing (NCWP), the first women police officer was hired by the Portland, Oregon Police Department in 1905.

Women In Law Enforcement

Federal Data:

The latest information (2004) from the U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics, reports that women account for 16% of the 105,000 federal law enforcement officers surveyed

Local Data:

Local law enforcement (town, city, county) show that women comprised 11.3% of officers in 2003, up from 7.6% in 1987.

Source: Bureau of Justice Statistics