Bachelors in Psychology – Forensic Psychology Concentration

image of brain depicting criminal mind

Becoming a forensic psychologist starts with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, forensics, or psychology. There are some schools in the country that offer a forensic psychology B.A., but the vast majority offer the variations mentioned above.

The most common scenario is to obtain an undergraduate (four year) degree in one of the related majors, then enhance it with electives, or available concentrations that cross over to make an optimal match between psychology, criminal justice, criminology, or forensics. Pursuing your degree in this way is helpful because it will make you a more desirable candidate for forensic psychology graduate programs when the time comes to apply. It will also make it easier to obtain jobs and internships that are more closely aligned with criminal psychology.

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Keep in mind that most forensic psychologists pursue advanced degrees above and beyond a bachelor’s in criminal psychology while simultaneously gaining experience. If you are not certain that forensic psychology will be your ultimate career destination, a criminal justice bachelors degree will serve you by keeping your future options wide open.

A four-year degree in forensic psychology will help you get an entry-level or supporting position. This is usually in the role of an assistant to a practicing forensic psychologist or a supporting role in a law enforcement agency. You may be asked to prepare background research information that is necessary for an forensic psychologist expert witness court appearance.

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Online Forensic & Criminal Psychology Bachelor’s Programs

One of the easiest ways to start working toward your forensic psychology B.A. is to look for online options. Pursuing your degree online means that you are not limited to schools within driving distance of your current residence and allows you maximum flexibility in your schedule.

Earning an online forensic psychology BA , or criminal justice bachelor’s is available through several reputable universities with strong credentials and accreditation. Taking classes online lets you fit your study time into your life, instead of having to find ways to fit your life around the schedule of your classes, which is why the significant increase in popularity, demand and program quality.

Signing up for classes toward your four-year degree in forensic psychology is the first step toward getting your forensic psychology career started. Start studying today so that tomorrow you can have a career that allows you to apply the principles of psychology to mind boggling, fascinating psychological puzzles, where you’ll play a crucial role in the criminal justice, clinical, and court systems.