Explore Criminal Justice Degree Options

The criminal justice degree that you pursue is dependent on several factors including your desired line of work and whether you are seeking entry level positions or expanding professionally within a field that you are already working in.

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If you are uncertain which degree level and type is right for you and your career aspirations, use our career resources to learn more about various roles within the field of criminal justice and get to know the particular degree requirements.

Take some time to request information from schools and get your questions answered. Find out more about their concentrations of study, curriculum, and track records. Learn more about criminal justice programs and find the right fit for you and your unique career goals.

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Two Year Associates Programs

An associates degree is the launching point for several criminal justice careers including law enforcement, corrections, and court related positions. Pursuing a criminal justice degree at the associates level sets the solid foundation for your career to be built upon, gives you access to entry level and some mid level positions, and sets the stage for pursing your particular area of interest among the multiple options criminal justice has to offer. Associates programs typically take two school years to complete and only require that you have completed high school or your GED. To learn more about associate degree options click here.

Bachelor’s Level Degree’s & Advanced Placement

Large scale of justice A bachelors degree in criminal justice is a means to entry and some mid level positions such as forensics, DEA, and the FBI just to name a few. A four year degree is also a requirement to position yourself for promotions or professional growth. A bachelors degree in criminal justice can be tailored to your specific area of study. In fact, some schools have up to twelve different concentrations for those pursuing bachelors degrees in order to maximize the benefits of your program and better prepare you to step into that next career. To learn more about bachelors degrees click here.

Graduate Level Programs

Graduate Level, Masters, Phd & Doctorate Level Programs

For those seeking higher level positions or a level of mastery in their field beyond the bachelors level, a masters degree in criminal justice is the next step. Criminal justice masters degree and Phd programs are increasingly available online and have become a means to exponential professional growth. Masters programs are available in a wide variety of subjects such as: Criminal Psychology, Diplomatic Relations, Fraud and Economic Criminal Behavior, Public Administration, Homeland Security, and more. Find out more about graduate level options including masters degrees and Phd programs.

Certificate Programs

Certificates are available for those who want to supplement their education with expanded skill and knowledge in a particular area. One of the most popular certificate programs available among criminal justice degrees is the paralegal program. Most paralegal certificates are designed for students who have already completed a bachelors degree, but have decided they would like to become a paralegal. Find out if a criminal justice certificate or diploma is a better option for you.

Prerequisites, Online Program Availability, & Potential Jobs

Length of program6 -12 Months18 – 24 Months3-4 YearsVaries By Program
PrerequisitesHigh School Diploma – GEDHigh School Diploma – GEDAssociatesBachelor’s
Online availableYesYesYesYes
Potential Jobs
  • Airport Security
  • Fraud Examiner
  • CSI Positions
  • Dispute Resolution Specialist
  • Mammography
  • *Depends on certificate type
  • Police Officer
  • Crime Scene Technician
  • Border Patrol Agent
  • Legal Assistant
  • Court Reporter
  • Corrections Officer
  • Forensics Positions
  • Paralegal
  • DEA
  • Probation Officer
  • Computer Forensics Technican
  • Forensic Psychology
  • FBI – Counter Terrorism Analyst
  • Most Positins w/ Dept. of Homeland Security

** The information above varies by school. It is best to request information and speak with a school representative to get the specific info from the schools you are interested in.