Paralegal Degree

student earning a paralegal degree

Paralegals are the right hand of the attorney and perform a variety of functions in order to assist with clients and litigation. Paralegals conduct research and manage the flow of documentation and paperwork that is necessary with any case. They work with clients, prepare legal documents, assist with research, and maintain order and organization for the attorney. Because they do not sit for the bar exam, they are not able to provide clients with legal advice and they often do not need to attend court proceedings.

While obtaining a paralegal degree, you can expect to take courses in law history, legal documentation, the legal process, and computer literacy. The use of technology is important for research and paperwork needs, so those who want to become a paralegal should be comfortable with technology and some of the common programs used. Paralegals will receive extensive training on legal documentation and evidence gathering and handling.

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Campus or Online Paralegal Degree?

In order to obtain a job in a law office, you will need at a minimum an associates degree in paralegal studies; however, the bachelors degree is the most common route to getting into the career. Some may choose to get an entry level position after obtaining an associates degree, then go on to pursue a bachelors degree while learning in the field simultaneously. If you have already obtained a liberal arts bachelors degree, you may be able to complete a certificate program in paralegal studies to complement your education and to provide you with the specific skills you will need to enter the profession. Choose from campus or online paralegal programs and get your career as a paralegal started today.