Criminal Justice Bachelors Degree Programs

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A bachelors degree in criminal justice is a means to both entry level and advanced positions in criminal justice, depending on your desired line of work. You can choose to pursue a criminal justice bachelors degree with an emphasis in a variety of topics such as: corrections, computer crime, homeland security, law enforcement, forensics, and paralegal studies. Many schools now offer a bachelors in criminal justice with a particular area of emphasis with courses and curriculum tailored for the specific area of study.

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A bachelors degree in criminal justice is traditionally a four year program and can be accomplished through campus or online programs. Prerequisites for bachelors degree programs vary by school. Some programs require that you have already completed your associates degree, while others only allow a high school diploma or GED. Take some time to request information, compare programs, and find the best fit for you and your career goals.

Schools Offering CJ Bachelor’s Programs

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The above degree options are some of the more popular program choices for those students looking to earn their bachelors in criminal justice for a legal or criminal justice related career. In many cases you don’t need to choose a concentration your first year, since many of the initial classes will be the same for all specializations. Degrees are offered as education & training for federal agents and civilians alike. Most of these programs are available from both online and campus based schools, and can be started right out of high school, or entered into with transfer credits from another college or degree program. Request information from a few different schools to learn more about the admissions requirements and ask specific questions about transferring credits. Many schools offer career advising and will help you select the classes that will allow you to quickly earn your degree and enter the workforce.

Why Pursue an Online Criminal Justice Bachelor’s Degree?

For those who cannot attend traditional campus classes, many schools now offer online criminal justice bachelors degree programs. This can be a flexible option for those in existing jobs who want to supplement their education and training, but don’t want to compromise their current roles and incomes. Online criminal justice programs have become a common and efficient way to earn your degree and employers no longer regard an online degree as inferior to campus based programs.

Advanced Start Bachelors Programs

If you already have a degree you may be able to earn your bachelors in criminal justice faster! To enroll in an Advanced Start program, you must furnish an official transcript indicating receipt of a comparable associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree from a college or university accredited by a regional or national accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education by the end of the fifth week of classes. When requesting information from schools, be sure to explore your advanced start degree options. If you are not sure that you are yet willing to commit to a bachelor’s degree, an associates degree is the best way to begin your educational path.