Online Criminal Justice Degree Programs

Obtaining a criminal justice degree online is becoming a popular option for many who cannot disrupt their current schedules at work or their stream of income. Whether you are a working adult or have just graduated from high school, there are several online programs to choose from among the many criminal justice degrees.

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There are online programs available at all levels including associates degrees, bachelors, masters, certificates, and additional graduate level studies.

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Why Pursue an Online Associates Degree in Criminal Justice?

student completing an online criminal justice degree

Those with previous experience in the military of law enforcement may have an advantage over those with no relevant training in some form of security or related work. Your first step is to complete a degree in a related field such as homeland security, law enforcement, or criminal justice. While the rule is not written in stone, a bachelors degree is the most prevalent among those working as border patrol agents; they will look at your unique combination of experience and your level of education together when making a hiring decision.

What you can do with a Criminal Justice Online Bachelors Degree

At the bachelor’s degree level, a world of opportunity presents itself in roles such as forensics, crime scene investigation, criminology, and more. Online bachelor’s degrees are a common way to prepare yourself for the next promotion jump in your career. Those who are currently working in entry level positions who want to move to the next level will find an online program a smart option.

Online Certificate, Masters, and more

The digital age and the internet have transformed education and schools have recognized that the demand for more online programs from professionals is increasing. You can now complete your online masters in criminal justice from home and certificate programs are being added to school curriculum each year. Professionals who cannot abandon their work schedules are now able to further their education. The police officer who aspires to be the next police chief or the crime scene investigator who wants to learn more about criminal theory will find online programs to choose from.

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