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Cyber security degree’s and training are undergoing unprecedented growth and demand and are considered among the highest sought after degree programs in America at present. Cyber security degree’s will prepare you to handle security threats from both an offensive and defensive position and include curriculum in firewall creation, hacker tactics, password protection sophistication, and a whole host of topics in tracking and defending vital systems. The United States government has become painfully aware of the vulnerabilities to it’s cyber security infrastructure with incidents such as Wikileaks and the advances in technology threats from groups like Al Queda and other potentially hostile governments. The mandate has been set from the highest levels that a significant amount of additional resources and trained cybersecurity professionals must be added rapidly to the National Cyber Security Division (NCSD) and all levels of government that it collaborates with including major players in the private sector.

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Why Pursue a Cyber Security Degree?

Some of the nation’s most prominent businesses have displayed their lack of preparation and response to cyber attacks. The Wall Street Journal, Pay Pal, and Visa-Mastercard were all among those recently targeted by hackers resulting from the fall-out of the wikileaks situation. Companies large and small have now shifted their attention to a much greater degree on their cyber security workforce. Cyber security degree programs are being created by more educational institutions as a primary focus of study rather than as an offshoot or concentration within traditional IT programs.