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Computer Forensics Courses

Computer forensics as a career option has become extremely attractive in the past few years. Although it is a rather new career option, the number of students opting for courses in this field of study is increasing at a steady pace. This explains the growing number of computer forensics schools in Connecticut that specialize in preparing students for a rewarding and exciting career.

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As a computer forensic, your key responsibility is to handle online crime and fraud including hacking, net fraud, cyber phishing and other tech driven crimes. As a computer forensic expert, you are required to possess excellent computer skills to perform your responsibilities effectively. In addition, it is important for you to have an analytical bent of mind while dealing with different types of cyber-criminal cases. Notably, cyber forensic experts work quite closely with the law enforcement agents who require special evidence to nab the cyber criminals. In fact, on several occasions, the cyber forensic experts are required to testify in the court and present necessary evidence to solve a case. In Connecticut for instance, the Connecticut General Statutes 52-570b enables legal authorities to put cyber criminals into trial. The stringent laws in the state make the role of cyber forensics experts extremely pivotal.

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Computer Forensics Degree in Connecticut

To become a computer forensic expert, you are required to complete formal training in this discipline. At the professional computer forensics schools in Connecticut, students are trained to perform the demanding tasks involved in this profession. Various software as well as hardware tools are introduced to aid the students. These include FTK, iLook, EnCase among others. Since these software tools are regularly used by the computer forensic experts, students are expected to have proper knowledge of working on them. With the requisite qualification, you can explore various career options within the realm of computer forensics. Some of the jobs that can be explored include Computer Forensics Investigator, Information security analyst, researcher and more.

At present, several well-known computer forensics schools in Connecticut are offering different courses that prepare students for a career in this field. These schools offer associate level, bachelor’s degree and master’s degree programs that offer maximum exposure to the field of computer forensic sciences. Students may also opt for certification programs that also help them to land jobs.

A career in the field of computer forensics sciences is both challenging and rewarding. You will get to work on different cases that will test your acumen. More importantly, the excellent pay scale of professionals in this field is a major factor that attracts students to pursue courses in computer forensics sciences.

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Computer Forensics Schools By State

Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice – Cyber Crime

You can earn a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice – Cyber Crime.

Schools such as Utica College offer an Online Cybersecurity Bachelor’s degree. Study Information Assurance & Cybercrime Investigations and Forensics.

Classes are offered for both full time students & part-time students. You can reach Uthica at (866) 295-3106.

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You Can Earn a BS in Cybersecurity Online

Uthica College Online Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity

Utica College
  • Learn Cybercrime Law and Investigations
  • Computer and Netword Security
  • Modern Techniques of Criminal Investigation
  • Enjoy Small Online Classes
  • Work Closely with Faculty