Homeland Security Careers

“The only real security that we can have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience and ability.” – Henry Ford

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The department of homeland security has multiple arms and divisions all with the common goal of protecting our country from current and future threats. There are a wide range of homeland security career opportunities for all skill sets and educational backgrounds.

There are both entry level and professional level positions available within the department. Take some time to learn more about the many in-demand careers, homeland security degree programs, and training requirements.

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Dept. of Homeland Security

We’ve broken down the various departments and job roles within the Department of Homeland Security. Get to know the jobs that are in demand and the educational requirements in order to make yourself a competitive job candidate. Click Here to learn more.

Top Homeland Security Categories

Top Employers, Job Titles, and Recommended Degree’s


nine eleven reminds us of importance of those pursing counterterrorism degree

September 11, 2001 – “Never Forget

The counterterrorism efforts of the Department of Homeland Security include the detection of explosives in public arenas and within transportation systems, protecting our nations infrastructure, detecting agents of biological warfare, building partnerships across all regions and jurisdiction levels for open communication and information sharing.

Recommended Degrees: Counter Terrorism Degree (often offered as a criminal justice degree with a counter terrorism focus) Criminal justice bachelors degree, bachelors in homeland security, or master’s in homeland security for higher level roles.

Counterterrorism Employers: Department of Homeland Security, FBI, ATF, CIA, Secret Service, US Military, US Capitol Police, Dept of State, Defense Intelligence Agency, National Defense Agency, National Security Agency

Counterterrorism Job Titles: Defense Planner, National Security Intelligence Analyst, Strategic Intel Researcher, Counterterrorism Analyst, Middle Eastern Affairs Analyst, Foreign Service Specialist, Diplomatic Service Specialist, Diplomatic Courier


US Border Patrol, Customs, & Immigration

agent at border patrol training

The U.S. Border Patrol is among the top homeland security careers. Obtaining a position with the CBP (Customs & Border Patrol Agency) is highly attainable for most and is known to be a highly rewarding and well compensating career.

Recommended Degrees: Criminal justice bachelors, homeland security bachelors, or law enforcement degree.

Border Patrol, Customs, & INS Employers: CBP – U.S. Customs, Border Patrol Agency, U.S. Citizen & Immigration Services

Border Patrol, Customs, & INS Job Titles: Customs Agent, Border Patrol Agent, INS Officer, Immigration Services Officer, Operations Support Specialist, Mission Support Specialist


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Intelligence & Analysis

The Pentagon

This arm of the department collects and analyzes information regarding possible homeland security threats in an effort to provide our nations leaders with the ability to make the most informed decisions and policies surrounding protection of national security. This office has five main analytical focuses:

  • Border Security Threats
  • Radical & Extremism Threats
  • Threats from Groups Entering the U.S.
  • Threats to Critical Infrastructure & Key Resources
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction & Major Health Threats

Recommended Degrees: Bachelors in homeland security, masters degree in homeland security, international relations, or a criminal justice degree at bachelors level or higher.

Intelligence & Analysis Employers: Department of Homeland Security, CIA, FBI, Department of State, National Security Agency, Department of Defense, CBP – U.S. Customs, Border Patrol Agency

Intelligence & Analysis Job Titles: Intelligence Analyst, Infrastructure Security Analyst, Border Security Analyst, Narcotic Trafficking Analyst



This group, also known as the National Cyber Security Division (NCSD), works in a collaborative manner with all levels of government, academia, private sector, and international partners to ensure the stability of our nation’s critical cyberspace and IT infrastructure. The focus is on risk management, cyber incident preparedness, and response to adverse activities according to the Homeland Security website.

Recommended Degrees: Information Security Degree (bachelors or masters level), cybersecurity degree, criminal justice bachelors degree with concentration in homeland security technology with a double major or a minor in criminal justice.

Cybersecurity Employers: Department of Homeland Security, CIA, FBI, Department of State, National Security Agency, Department of Defense, CBP – U.S. Customs, Border Patrol Agency

Cybersecurity Job Titles: National Information Security Specialist, Key Technology Infrastructure Security Positions, National Vulnerability Analyst


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Aviation Security

The TSA is the arm of the Department of Homeland Security that seeks protection in our aircraft through the use of federal air marshals and directing the policies surrounding airline security screening and the secure flight program which monitors individuals on the national “no fly” list.

Recommended Degrees: Bachelors in criminal justice, law enforcement degree, or homeland security degree at the bachelors level or higher.

Aviation Security Employers: Department of Homeland Security, TSA – Transportation Security Administration,

Aviation Security Job Titles: U.S. Air Marshal, Airport Security Officer, Aviation Regulatory Inspector, Dangerous Goods Cargo Inspector, TSO- Transportation Security Officer


National Response & Preparedness

FEMA- The Federal Emergency Management Agency is responsible for prevention and response to major natural disasters or unforeseen events which require large scale relief efforts in the United States. When Hurricane Katrina hit our shores in 2005, FEMA was the principle agency for organizing relief efforts. There are many roles to be played in national and regional offices.

Recommended Degrees: Bachelors in criminal justice or criminal justice associates degree, with concentrations in homeland security or emergency management, or an emergency management certificate.

National Response & Preparedness Employers: Department of Homeland Security, FEMA – Federal Emergency Management Agency, Center for Domestic Preparedness, Center for Disease Control & Prevention, Department of Health & Human Services

National Response & Preparedness Job Titles: FEMA Regional Officer, Health Research Scientist, Disease Response Analyst, Disaster Relief Worker