How to Become a Crime Scene Photographer

How to Become a Crime Scene Photographer

Although each law enforcement agency has specific qualification requirements, you need to have a high school diploma or G.E.D certificate at the minimum to pass as a crime scene photographer. Since almost all jobs now require that you have a bachelor’s degree, it will be wise to take a bachelor’s degree with courses in photography, or criminal justice. If you want to take the formal education route you can get a college degree in criminal justice that offers courses in forensics photography or crime scene investigation.

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Crime Scene Photographer Qualifications

Being a forensic photographer requires you to continually master the complexities of photographic work, including footwear photography and tire track photography. You must have a strong interest in tinkering with the settings of your camera, light meters, lenses, etc. The job requires you to keep up with the fast-changing technology as you may need to learn new computer programs and equipment.

Crime scene photography is not your typical nine-to-five job so you must be ready to work for long hours, and sacrifice your personal life for the job for the sake of photographing a crime scene. Being physically fit is a requirement since you will have to crouch, bend, and work in extreme conditions.

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