Criminal Justice Salary

Criminal justice salary is dependent upon several factors and in many government positions, the GS payscale is utilized which is a sliding scale consisting of 15 pay grades, with 10 steps within each pay grade. The salary data below was gathered using the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics in conjunction with information gathered directly from employing agencies. Keep in mind that those who work and live in urban areas are much more likely to start at higher salaries than those in rural areas.

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Law Enforcement Salary

Police Officer Salary Annual Median Salary
Median Annual Salary$55,010

*Salary data from US BLS

Police Detective SalaryAnnual Median Salary
Median Annual Salary$68,820

*Salary data from US BLS

Fish & Game Warden SalaryAnnual Median Salary
Median Annual Salary$49,730

*Salary data from US BLS

FBI SalaryGS Scale Range
Special Agent (GS10 – GS13)$45,771 – $93,175

*The FBI uses the GS scale which can vary greatly depending upon education, experience, and locality. All other median salary figures from US Bureau of Labor Statistics. See

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Homeland Security Salary

US Customs & Border Patrol SalaryAnnual Median Salary
Entry Level (GS 5,7,or 9)$27,431 – 54028
After approx. one year (bump up paygrade by one)$50,287 – $78,355

*estimates using 2013 GS Payscale from at

Air Marshal SalaryAnnual Median Salary
Pay Band G$39,358 – 60,982
Pay Band H$48,007 – 74,390
Pay Band I$58,495 – 90,717

*estimates using TSA PayBand Scale; most will start at PayBand G. See more at

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Forensic Salaries

Forensic Science TechnicianAnnual Median Salary
National Average$51,570


Psychologist Salary (Forensic and Other)Annual Median Salary
Entry Level$39,200
Mid Career Level$68,640
Senior – Seasoned Level$111,810

*U.S. BLS.govlatest data from May 2010 for General & Other Psychologists,

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Paralegal Salary

ParalegalAnnual Median Salary
Entry Level$29,460
Mid Career Level$46,680
Senior – Seasoned Level$74,870

*U.S. –

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Corrections Salary

Correctional Officer SalaryAnnual Median Salary
Entry Level$26,040
Mid Career Level$39,040
Senior – Seasoned Level$67,250

*Salary data from U.S. -

Probation Officer SalaryAnnual Median Salary
Entry Level$30,920
Mid Career Level$47,200
Senior – Seasoned Level$80,750

*Salary data from U.S. -

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