Will The $600 Million Border Patrol Bill Make A Difference?

The Obama administration, along with the US House & Senate have just provided a big investment to the agencies managing US border security.  While I’m not advocating for the Republican, or Democrats side, I do feel that a safer border, and the creating of thousands of jobs will be a good thing for the country.  The question remains, will the $600 million in funding actually make a difference?  Americans from across the country are asking this question, and keeping close watch to see the results.

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The $600 million bill will put more agents and equipment along the Mexican border.  The funds will allow the Department of Homeland Security to staff up and hire over 1,000 Border Patrol agents.  These agents will be deployed to critical areas along the US & Mexican border.  In addition we should see the hiring of more Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.  The bill also provides for new criminal justice technology and communications equipment and expands the use of unmanned surveillance drones. The Justice Department will also receive more money to help catch drug dealers and human traffickers.  All of these efforts are intended to help make the border more secure, and discourage the illegal entry of people, drugs, and weapons moving between the two countries.

In a related story, today the American Patrol Report posted a story called “Rally at the Ranch”, which details the placing of over 16,000 American flags at  American Border Patrol’s Arizona ranch.  The rally was to show support for Arizona’s new immigration law, and advocate for the completion for the border fence.  One sign at the gathering read:

“Congress ordered 700 miles of double fence, you built 230 miles of single fence – Now FINISH THE JOB – Thank You”

Perhaps both sides of this issue will see some positive changes as a result of more funds for border patrol and security.

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