Wounded Times Needs Our Help!

It’s come to our attention that Chaplain Kathie “Costos” DiCesare, Editor and Publisher of WoundedTimesWeblog, needs some financial help in order to keep her blog going. DiCesare is an outspoken advocate for soldiers suffering from PTSD, and a blogging partner of Legal Justice News. DiCesare weighed in on the subject, describing not only the services she offers, but the many expenses she accumulates writing and operating this invaluable resource for our wounded warriors.

“Donations are desperately needed to support the work I do for veterans everyday.

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Average 70 hours a week tracking and writing for Wounded Times Blog so that veterans know what is going on in the country. Keeping the focus on Combat and PTSD offering support to veterans and their families, with real news stories for and about them.“ She says.

“With travel filming events, purchasing books, Bibles and other material to keep them informed, this labor of love is in need of financial support.” She goes on.

If DiCesare doesn’t get funding, Wounded Times can’t go on. Wounded times is more than a blog, it’s a safe place for veterans and their loved ones to get current information regarding PTSD, military news, and the recognition and support they deserve. Wounded Times receives an average  of 35,000 views per month, and hundreds of emails each week. Sadly many of these emails come from the parents of veterans who didn’t get the support they needed soon enough, and took their own life. Keeping publications like Wounded Times alive, is one way to keep veterans supported, and prevent the nasty pitfalls of PTSD.

If you want to help, there are a few different ways you can. The most urgently needed form of help, is monetary donations. If you can’t afford to make a donation, but still want to help, you can do that by helping us put the word out by sharing this story in your social network. It’s a sad day when people doing the right thing are forced to stop because the money just isn’t there. Let’s stop this from happening by donating and/or sharing this now!

To make a donation online, visit: http://woundedtimes.blogspot.com/ and click on the paypal button on the left hand side.

Donations can also be mailed to:

Point Man of Winter Park

PO Box 196992

Winter Springs FL 32719-6992

Point Man of Winter Park is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization