Online Paralegal Degree

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Getting an online paralegal degree is a popular option due to the flexibility online and distance learning offers, not to mention that there are now dozens of online paralegal degree programs to choose from. Below, you can search for online paralegal degrees and find one that is aligned with your career goals. Some paralegal programs offer specializations such as real estate, insurance, or contractual law.

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Paralegal Overview

Median Annual National Salary
2009 – 2018 Job Growth
Education/Training Required
35% 2 Years

Online Paralegal Degree Curriculum

All online paralegal degrees will provide you with a strong foundation of knowledge on the fundamentals of law and legal research. The following are a sample of topics you might find in an online paralegal program:

  • Litigation
  • Legal Research
  • Real Estate Law
  • Business Law
  • Bankruptcy Law
  • Legal Terminology & Ethics
  • Employment Law
  • Legal Ethics
  • Legal Language & Writing

How Long will an Online Paralegal Degree Take to Complete?

Programs can vary widely in length; however, most online paralegal degrees take six months to a year. There are some fast track programs that can be completed in as little as three months. For those who already have some experience in a legal setting or have been a legal secretary and want to take the next step, an online paralegal certificate could be the best option. You can learn more about online paralegal certificates below.

Benefits of Getting a Paralegal Degree Online

Getting an online paralegal degree has many benefits; flexibility being one of the most obvious. Benefits include:

  • Flexibility of Schedule – Online learning allows you to study and complete homework when it is convenient for you. While there will still be deadlines and timeframes that must be met, you have the ability to create your own schedule.
  • No Job Disruption – Earning your paralegal degree online allows you to continue working, gaining experience, and income.
  • Access to Other Students & Instructors Online – Technology has come a long way in past ten years. There are now 24 hour online forums for students taking the same courses to interact on, bounce ideas and questions off of one another. Instructors who teach and administer online courses are available to answer questions via email, forums, and instant messaging. Some students actually report even greater open communication between their fellow students and instructors in online courses.
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Online Paralegal Degree Credibility

Most employers find an online paralegal degree to be as credible as a traditional campus based education. The amount of people pursuing degrees online has skyrocketed in the past decade and has become a common and acceptable way to obtain an education; especially for occupations that do not require “hands on” practice using specialized equipment or skills. For those who are concerned about the reputation of an online paralegal degree, becoming a certified paralegal may be a good way to enhance your resume; however, there are no regulations or mandates on paralegal certification.