Paralegal Job Description

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As a paralegal, you will assist attorneys with a variety of administrative, organizational, communication, and research tasks. From filling out affidavits, researching statutes and legal precedents, or communicating with clients through a legal process, you will be at the center of operations in a legal firm or department. Many paralegals work in a law firm that specializes in a particular aspect of the law such as real estate or bankruptcy, which requires specialized knowledge.

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Paralegal Job Description Sample

  • Assist attorneys with preparation for trials, organize evidence or exhibits, notes, and witnesses
  • Draft up legal letters, correspondence, affidavits, and a variety of legal documents and maintain them by filing manually or storing on an electronic database for later retrieval.
  • Prepare legal briefs, contracts, wills, trusts, real estate closing documents, pleadings, and witness interviews.
  • Communicate with clients or third parties of interest to specific cases to ask questions, interview, or request information from. Communicate with clients about legal processes and progress of cases.
  • Research, analyze data such as legal precedents in past cases, codes, statutes, public records, and other legal research as it pertains to specific cases.
  • Seek out and communicate with witnesses; interview and prepare witnesses, and ready them for court proceedings.
  • Manage and supervise the operations of the law office; ensure timely delivery of legal documents such as subpoenas, garnishments, and similar correspondence.
  • Maintain legal library (legal volumes), supplies, electronic equipment maintenance, and general office duties.

Paralegal Overview

Median Annual National Salary
2009 – 2018 Job Growth
Education/Training Required
35% 2 Years

Paralegal Skills & Personality Traits

Paralegals must have a strong ability to pay attention to detail due to the fact that legal documents and forms require a high degree of attention and accuracy. Law offices can be environments where stress runs high due to deadlines, potential losses from clients, and emotionally charged situations. Paralegals are on the front lines of communication with clients and must be able to calmly and compassionately handle these emotional situations and time pressures. Paralegals should possess the ability to multitask and take the initiative to manage their time and priorities. Law offices can be highly stimulating and rewarding work environments. Those who thrive in such environments enjoy the fast pace and multi-faceted work setting.

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