Court Reporter Courses

Court Reporting Degree

The field of court reporting is continuing to grow and many people are choosing this as a new career. Court reporters are an important part of the legal process because they capture the words spoken at legal proceedings and create a detailed, permanent and secure record of everything that happened.

Many people think that court reporter courses will only include classes associated with teaching you how to use a steno machine. This is obviously an important part of becoming a court reporter, but this alone will not make you successful in the field. You will study many other areas including mastering Computer-Aided Transcription (CAT) software and other technology.

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An associate’s degree will focus on learning the skill of machine shorthand. You will then work on building up your speed and accuracy. Some of the other court reporter courses will focus on learning typical terminology used in the legal and medical fields, because those industries typically employ a large number of court reporters. You will also develop a very strong knowledge of the English language and will dramatically increase your vocabulary. Transcription and computer-aided transcription will also be components of your court reporting courses.

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Court Reporter Courses

While the names of the classes may vary from school to schools here are some of the most common courses that you will be taking while you earn your court reporting degree.

  • Realtime Theory
  • Survey of Realtime Reporting
  • Realtime Writing
  • Vocabulary/Reference Use
  • Information Technology Basics
  • Business English
  • Beginning Computer Assisted Transcription
  • Speed Building
  • Transcription
  • Business Communication
  • Law and Legal Terminology
  • Transcription Medical Terminology
  • Advanced Computer Assisted Transcription
  • Office Management
  • Judicial Reporting: Professional Experience

Classroom Training & Real Life Experience

The court reporter courses are usually split between classroom training, where you will focus on terminology, vocabulary and grammar, and on lab work where you will focus on using the different equipment that is used by court reporters.

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An associate’s degree is the most common type of court reporting degree in the field, but a bachelor’s degree will enhance your education to include processes that are more detailed. Court reporter classes at the bachelor level will introduce realtime transcription, and will focus on computer assisted transcription. Additional court reporting classes that you will take at this level will include judicial reporting, jury charge and testimony.

Many people pursue their court reporter certification once they obtain their degree. This will make you more marketable and confirm your professional dedication. In many cases, you must have a certain level of certification before you can work in the field.