How To Become an FBI Agent

How To Become An FBI Agent

Becoming and FBI Agent requires that you pass rigorous qualification standards and have completed a related degree at the bachelors level at a minimum. In addition to a related degree, basic requirements include that you must be between the ages of 23 and 37, pass a physical and psychological examination, and undergo drug testing. Take a look at the progression that those who are currently FBI agents took to get where they are today.

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Steps to Become an FBI Agent

Step 1

Be sure you are willing to seek employment in the highly competitive FBI and that you meet the basic FBI agent requirements.

Step 2

Determine how your experience may best be complemented by a degree that will make you a competitive candidate for application. If you have no experience, you will either need to obtain degree credentials at a higher level or begin working in a role that will provide you with the skills you’ll need to perform your targeted role within the FBI. No matter what level of experience you have, a solid education is a must.

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Step 3

Determine the best type of degree to pursue, depending upon your unique strengths and skills. Common examples are cybersecurity, law enforcement, criminal justice, homeland security, or forensic sciences.

Step 4

Request information from schools offer degree’s in your chosen niche. Compare schools, get program details, online degree availability, and ensure that the degree is aligned with your FBI career goals.

Step 5

Apply and enroll in a school of your choice. Determine if it would be better for you to find related work experience while obtaining your degree online, or if you would rather attend a traditional campus location.

Step 6

Begin the application process with the FBI, keep in good physical and mental condition, and don’t let a failure on your first attempt derail you from your goal.

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