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Are you a fan of criminal justice shows and films? Ever wondered what it would be like to be an actual crime scene investigator? You don’t have to solely rely on watching CSI on television anymore, especially if you currently happen to be in New York, Nevada, Australia and now Florida.

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This coming week, CSI: The Experience will open on the I-Drive in Orlando. Visitors coming to see Mickey and Minnie and ride Space Mountain can also learn the duties included in a crime scene investigator job description. Developed by the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History in collaboration with CBS Consumer Products, the National Science Foundation, EMS Exhibits and other partners, the CSI exhibit made its debut in Chicago in 2007. “This project was extremely gratifying, because we had a strong collaboration between museum staff, television producers, educators, forensic scientists and one of the world’s top exhibit design companies,” says the President of the Fort Worth Museum’s President, Van Romans.

While participating, you will be briefed by CSI cast members, via video feeds, before examining scenes in the field and analyzing evidence in the lab to solve the crime. In a nut shell, The Experience provides you with hands-on crime scene investigation training. “With input from investigators from the television show, along with their real-life forensic science counterparts, guests will formulate a hypothesis, validate their findings based on scientific evidence and try to crack the case,” describes EMS Exhibits. Participants delve into numerous scientific fields including DNA identification, blood splatter analysis, forensic entomology, pathology, art and anthropology, latent prints and firearm identification; tools from microscopes and touch-screen computers to UV lights and bullet traps are utilized, EMS Exhibits adds.

CSI: The Experience has toured across Europe, Asia and the U.S., wowing guests from Los Angeles and Wichita to Philadelphia and Boston. The Buffalo Museum of Science will host The Experience until April 29 and currently Las Vegas’ MGM Grand and New York City’s Discovery Time Square also feature the interactive display. As it continues to grow in popularity and spread across the globe, CSI: The Experience will most likely arrive at a city near you.