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Are you about to start another year of university or just beginning your degree program and worried about scrounging up last minute funds? While many institutions require scholarship applications to be submitted throughout the spring, some have deadlines in August or even until the end of 2012. Here’s a list of some scholarship programs for whether you are planning on pursuing a criminal justice, law enforcement or related degree or in some cases any type of major.

AFSA Scholarship Program: The American Fire Sprinkler Association is currently accepting entries for its $3,000 scholarship that can be used towards the Spring 2013 session. The process involves reading the “Fire Sprinkler Essay” and completing a short multiple choice test. You have until August 22, 2012 to apply. Scholarship: Diversity and minority students may apply to’s scholarships, valued at $2,000 each, that are granted three times a year. The application involves commenting on one of the site’s career stories and writing a short essay on your educational path. The next deadline is August 31, 2012. Scholarship: awards a $2,000 scholarship three times per year to students who are currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program. The process involves submitting comments to one of their featured lessons or job search pages, a short essay describing your educational path and making sure your university or college is on their registered school list. The next deadline is August 31, 2012.

Out To Protect Scholarship: The Out To Protect Scholarship (valued between $500 and $1,000) is open to someone who is openly a member of the LGBT or straight ally community and enrolled in a law enforcement training program. Candidates must demonstrate how they have been a positive role model and how they value law enforcement’s code of ethics. Applications are due November 1, 2012.

ASIS Foundation Competition: ASIS International is an organization dedicated to advancing the field of security professionals. Its foundation administers numerous scholarships, including the Student Writing Competition open to undergraduate and graduate students. Candidates select between six topics related to security and write a research paper between 3,000 and 6,000 words. Prizes range between $1,500 and $500. The deadline is November 9, 2012.

The David E. Whitmire Scholarship: This scholarship was created in memory of the late Captain David E. Whitmire (Akron Police Department). The $500 award is open to undergraduate and graduate students who are in the midst of completing a criminology, criminal justice, police science or police administration degree and have a 3.5 GPA. The annual deadline is December 15th.