Criminal Minds Article Series – An In Depth Look

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Police Line at scene of a homicide

Learn about the types of homicide including murder, second degree murder, manslaughter, and other forms of homicide. Find out what motivates the various types of crimes including premeditated, impulsive, and excusable homicides. Get to know what motivates the various types of homicide, and read a case study. Click here to learn more.

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The Serial Killer

Ted Bundy

What drives the mind of an individual to commit multiple acts of murder? What is the difference between homicide and the acts of a serial killer? Learn about the diabolical mind of a serial killer, their motives, and read about case studies such as Ted Bundy and the Green River Killer. To learn more about the mind of a serial killer, click here.

The Domestic Terrorist

Oklahoma City Bombing

What are the precursors and indicators of a mass murder from one of our own citizens on American soil? Learn about the extreme right wing, left wing, and single issue domestic terrorists and how their twisted ideologies combined with unstable psychological circumstances lead to horrific mass murders. Click here to learn more.

Sex Crimes & Criminals

Prostitution, pedophilia, child molestation, child pornography – these are just a few of the many forms of sex crimes. Do those who have been sexually assaulted as a child commit sex crimes later in life? What are the motives of a pedophile? Read case studies and examples. Click here to learn more about sex crimes.

White Collar Criminal

White Collar criminal being arrested

Greed and financial desperation have run rampant in American society from the Enron Scandal to the mind boggling ponzi scheme of Bernie Madoff. Get an in depth look at the various types of white collar crimes, learn about the various motivations, and read case studies from our recent past. To learn more about white collar criminals, click here.

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The Thief

What are the various types of theft? What’s the difference between burglary, larceny, and fraud? What motivates theft from the desperate addict to to just plain greed? Get an in-depth look at various forms of theft and read case studies. To learn more, click here.

Cults & Charismatic Leaders

Leader of Heaven's Gate Cult

Learn about both world rejecting and world affirming cults and the charismatic leaders behind these extreme and sometimes exotic manifestos. Read about the plight of Charles Manson and what lead to the murders in the Hollywood Hills. Also explore the infamous Heaven’s Gate cult. Click here to learn more.

Animal Cruelty

What type of individual would be cruel or negligent to animals, and does it also indicate that they are much more likely to commit violent crimes against human beings? Learn about abandonment, abuse, torture, and hoarding. click here to learn more.

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Crimes by Government Officials

One of the most infamous crimes committed by our nation’s highest office was the Watergate Scandal which lead to President Nixon’s resignation in 1974. Also, learn about the more recent scandals involving government officials, abuse of power and more, Click here.